Auttaja is a multi-functional Discord bot. Gamify your community with a competitive social system, and so much more. I would think you could also go for a 'channel' bot and a 'sever' bot level permission or something, utility bots like dic rollers or RPG systems would greatly benefit from being able to put the DND5E bot in one channel and Pathfinder 2E in the other, or Star Trek bot, etc. InviteLogger. ?diagnose [command or module] kick. Finally, … Let's the bot know that you can craft something. Arcane's powerful auto-moderation will keep your server clean of spam, ads, and more. By pledging even $5 you help with a large portion of paying for Arcane and its website. Sell roles on your Discord server with just a couple of clicks. You can dynamically browse through our different command categories and share custom links! Description. You … Dtel ⭐ 107. It is fully customizable and features a simple and intuitive web dashboard. … MEE6 Discord Bot Alternatives Tatsumaki Discord Bot. Reaction Roles. Commands All Basic Player Queue Audio Effects Settings Premium -play [link or search query] Loads your input and adds it to the queue. Games. Make unlimited custom commands easily with no restriction. Cyberdisc Bot ⭐ 108. Custom commands, audit, ranking, music, social networks and much more~ But then there's the overall 'moderation' bot that could be system level. InviteLogger. Log into Discord. Use moderation logging to keep your moderators accountable. Notifications/"pings" for a wide range of actions on YouTube, including publishing a new video or going live. List channels and users where commands are ignored.?ignored. Notifications/"pings" for posting on your business Instagram page! Supports YouTube Livestreams and … Unlike other providers, we believe in having a working … We’re here to help you grow & manage your Discord community. Koya A powerful multi-function and configurable bot. We believe automation is the future of Roblox groups; thus, we put a lot of work into putting ourselves at the forefront of innovation in automation. Dyno will add reactions for each of your choices. !ghelp - shows the available commands!gcreate - creates a giveaway (interactive setup)!gstart