It's actually a one-man company, the guy is from Siena and manages several very different positions around the Campo. Yes – Balconies or individual windows can be reserved for private use; naturally it depends on the size of your group. Yes, there are defined pay-to-park (blue line) areas and also pay-to-park covered parking garages around the perimeter of the historical city. Yes. Passports & Visas: All customers must posses a valid passport and/or any visas or special travel documents that can be used a proof of citizenship. However, our suggestion, NO beach wear (“ie. Travel Insurance Protection: To cover costs associated with your reservation, the Company encourages you to consider purchasing a travel insurance policy. Breakfast included; free WiFi; hotel parking available at extra cost (Euro 15 / daily), paid directly to the hotel. ... Il n’y a pas de coordination pour la vente des billets, vous devez donc contacter les propriétaires individuels des magasins ou demander des renseignements à votre hôtel. Rooms in our package are with garden view, subject to availability. The Traditional Palio In Siena. Palio Ticket, Siena's Palio Horse Race, SIENNE, Palio di Siena, Guide to the Palio horse race organized by the Comune of Siena, information, curiosità, Siena’s Palio guidebook. Priced From: Euro 1.380,00 per person, double occupancy, Additional Nights: + Euro 130,00 per person, Includes reserved Grand Seats – Other Ticket options can be found on the Reservation Page. Siena's Palio schedule. Additional accommodation options include Tuscan Villas outside of Siena that can be rented during the week of the Palio. The Palio di Siena is a horse race that is held twice each year, on 2 July and 16 August, in Siena, Italy. Il Palio di Siena est un retour à l’époque médiévale, une rivalité bienveillante entre les quartiers et une excuse pour organiser de grandes fêtes de quartier deux fois par été. Full payment is required for reservations made in the same calendar year as the Palio you wish to attend. After the January 1st date and up until May 29th, if cancellation notice is given, we would provide a 40% refund (*see exceptions), the remaining funds could be refunded if we are able to resell the Tickets (ie palio tickets, contrada dinner tickets, trial race tickets). There wasn’t anything you missed, everything was superb… “, ” … Can never watch another horse race… (They don’t compare).”, Grand Continental ***** ~ ~ from Euro 3,065,00 per person, Le Fontanelle ***** ~ ~ from Euro 2.710,00 per person (5 night package), Relais degli Angeli **** ~ ~ from Euro 1.970,00 per person (min 4 nights), Hotel Athena **** ~ ~ from Euro 1.380,00 per person, Palazzo Ravizza *** ~ ~ from Euro 1.310,00 per person (August 2021 Fully Booked), Santa Caterina *** ~ ~ from Euro 1.225,00 per person, Borgo Grondaie *** ~ ~ from Euro 1.175,00 per person, Classic Room – 3 nights w/ daily breakfast + VAT, Palio Tickets – select Balcony or Grandstand Seat or Window, Contrada Dinner Tickets – night before the final race day, Trial Race Tickets – to one of the evening races, Horse Blessing – day of the race w/ guide/escort, Historical Parade – in the campo day of the race, Classic Room – 5 nights w/ daily breakfast + VAT; parking, Free access to the Pools, Sauna and Fitness Center, Transportation and Transfers during the program, Contrada Dinner – night before the final race day, Deluxe Room – min 4 nights w/ daily breakfast + VAT, Superior Room – 3 nights w/ daily breakfast; parking; VAT, Garden View Room – 3 nights w/ daily breakfast; prkg; VAT, Palio Tickets – select Balcony or Grandstand Seat or Window, Garden View room – 3 nights w/ daily breakfast and VAT, Palio Tickets – select Balcony Seats or Grandstand Seats, Double Room – 3 nights w/ daily breakfast; parking; VAT. Relais degli Angeli **** A period residence offers elegantly styled rooms with fresco ceilings. Billets pour le Palio - First Choice. What is the Palio?The Palio is the most important event in Siena, taking place on July 2 and August 16 every year.In the Palio, the various Sienese \"contrade\", or areas in which the city is divided, challenge each other in a passionate horse race in the heart of the city in the Piazza del Campo.Originally, there were about fifty-nine \"Contrade\"; now only seventeen remain, ten of which take part in the historical pageant and in the race at eac… Ticket Balcone Splendido: €420 per person. une ville magnifique même sans cette fête. Breakfast, free WiFi and hotel parking included. All paths will eventually lead to Piazza del Campo, where in the late afternoon (5:15pm), the formal historical parade will begin. WHAT HAPPENS IF IT RAINS ON THE DAY OF THE PALIO? Hotel parking is included. Since horses who may have won previous Palio can be in the lot of 10 horses, their assignment to a particular Contrada is considered a great start to the festival for those Contrada who are so fortunate – even without such fortune, the excitement and or emotions of the Contrada members are on full display in the campo for all to see during this critical moment. We do not mail Palio tickets for several logistical reasons, primarily to avoid any problems (i.e. If there is rain on the day of the Palio (July 2nd or August 16), making the track conditions not suitable to run the race, then the race will be rescheduled for the next day (July 3rd or August 17) or even the day after if necessary. There is no official box office for the Palio horces race tickets; tickets are purchased directly from those who organize the stands or own  the private terraces and balcony. Right after the palio race has been run , the contrada members of the winning contrada bring the Palio to the church of Santa Maria in Provenzano (in July) and to the Duomo (in August) to sing thanks the Virgin Mary; then they take it back to their contradas and then constantly parade the Palio banner through the streets of the town, accompanied by songs, drums and flags. B&B style property is outside the historical city near the Siena train station. Priced from Euro 1.970,00 per person, double occupancy, Additional Nights: + Euro 190,00 per person. The dinner is 4-courses, served with wine and of course the ambiance of a very special evening. Balcony and Window positions are in all areas of the campo. We back each Il Palio Di Sienna ticket purchase with our 100% Guarantee. Rooms in the package are Double Classic; upgrades available, subject to availability. The race is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. in July 2nd  and at 7:00 p.m. in August 16th . They are available to answer any questions you may have during your visit to Siena. Prices and cancellations Une ambiance de folie, une ville magnifiquement décorée, des gens très agréables. Please contact us with any custom requests. Breakfast included; free WiFi; hotel parking available at extra cost (Euro 15 / daily), paid directly to the hotel. nous avons eu la chance de visiter Sienne, 3 jours avant le Palio, le jour de la sélection des chevaux et des quartiers. Rooms in the package are with Standard Double w/ garden view; upgrades are subject to availability at the time of our request. These celebitory actions are not “closed” to the public. The services includes private A/C vehicle, English speaking driver, all road tolls, fuel and taxes. Additional hotel nights can be added to any package. Hotel parking is extra (Euro 45 / daily); paid directly to the hotel. The Package is a combination of services and products designed for independent travelers that wish to enjoy the freedom of an un-escorted trip, but with the convenience and value of a package price. Of course there are many preparations, small celebrations, dinners and ceremonies during the weeks preceeding and following the official dates of the Palio. Our primary rooms for your package are Deluxe and subject to availability. Compilando la scheda il Cliente prende atto dell'informativa resa ai sensi del Regolamento UE 2016/679 ed autorizza il trattamento dei dati. It also includes a Chianti Winery tour (with lunch) and all the transfers to/from Siena (according to the daily schedule), a welcome dinner, plus our On-Site support. Afterwards they will proceed to their own neighborhood church and for more celebrations. palio siena 2021, tickets for the palio Witness the unique and popular Palio horse race, live the intense vibe of the famous Palio of Siena. Palazzo Ravizza *** Historical palazzo, considered a superior 3-star with a garden and countryside view. We enjoyed the Palio! The only 5-star hotel in Siena. The package begins June 28 (for the July Palio) or August 12 (for the August Palio). Typically this day offers your Siena city tour, including an exclusive visit to one of the Contrada museum (morning and afternoon times are scheduled). Abonnez-vous pour les toutes dernières informations au sujet des évènements de Palio di Siena à venir. Hi -yes, we booked Palio tickets with them last year. Each year, the schedule for the palio remains exactly the same, with dates for the first Palio always from June 29th - July 2nd, and dates for the second Palio always from August 13th - August 16th. The transportation provided with this package is exclusive for our clients. Rooms in the package are with Standard Double w/ garden view; upgrades are subject to availability at the time of our request. A green flag will be hung on the front of Palazzo Pubblico to advise the public and the race will be run on the following day, weather conditions permitting. Hotel Santa Caterina *** Just outside the historic city walls at Porta Romana, its location still offers easy walking distance to the city center, plus beautiful views of the Tuscan countryside from the private garden. Cost is 95 euro per person (minimum participation required). IF YOU DECIDE TO CANCEL, YOU MUST NOTIFY THE COMPANY IN WRITING OF YOUR INTENT TO CANCEL. Therefore, with either of these options it is not necessary to bring your own food and it is otherwise requested not to bring any food items, additional wine, or alcoholic drinks of any kind in glass bottles. There are up to 5 rows of grandstand seating, each with an assigned number. With only a small number of rooms, it provides a boutique 4-star hotel in the historical center. Cancellations of any trial race, or the Contrada Dinner or City Tour due to weather conditions are not refundable. if you leave the U.S. on August 10, 2021 then the expiration date would need to be February 10, 2022 (or after). Nous n'avons pas trouvé de billet avion pour Paris - Sienne. Palio Tickets are non-refundable. Our tickets are offered in the 4 locations as follows:    Mossa (Start/Finish Line): Grandstand Seats, Balcony Seats (and Balcony Standing), Private Windows (each suitable for up to 3 persons) The Company is not responsible for third party cancellations for any reason due to unforeseen circumstances (such as war, civil disturbance, terrorism or pandemic) and or other international events beyond its control. The support for the program comes from our own on-site personnel and other professionals who we know personally and have worked with for many years. Priced from Euro 1.175,00 per person, double occupancy, Additional Nights: + Euro 95,00 per person. Unfortunately, discounts for Palio tickets are not able to be offered for children. SCHEDULE Due to specific hotel terms and conditions, any payments made for a package with the Grand Continental or the Relais degli Angeli are non-refundable. There are 4 windows in the apartment (2 windows per floor). Offers a private pool, hotel room or apartment style accommodations. The specific location for “pick-up” or delivery and the time for receiving your tickets will be given in with your time line summary, in most cases the location will be your hotel.  Our tour director and other company personnel are in Siena for each race and will be in available during the days of the festival in order to help you with tickets or other festival related issues. ©2017 C-WAY  s.r.l. Two race dates to consider: July 2 or August 16. Just outside the historic city walls at Porta Romana, its location still offers easy walking distance to the city center, plus beautiful views of the Tuscan countryside from the private garden. Our 3, 4 or 5 night packages include: choice of Hotel, choice of Palio Tickets, the Contrada Dinner and more…, Priced From: Euro 3.065,00 per person, double occupancy, Includes reserved Start Line Grandstand Seats – Other Ticket Options can be found on the Reservation Page. Offers in-house restaurant and rooftop terrace for countryside views. Depending on the size of the Contrada, some dinners are served in this fashion for well over a 1,000 Contrada members and their guests. The dinner while of course festive is also a way to raise money to support the financial needs of the Contrada. Genova 380216 Reg. The Palio in Siena – it takes more than simply buying a ticket and then to arrive to Siena on the day of the race only to watch a few horses circle a track. If you wish to have such additional services, please let us know as they can be added. Yes, given the campo has a natural downward slope (going away from the grandstands towards the Torre del Mangia) you are able to see the race and the action as it moves around to the far side for the 3 laps it takes to complete. With Grandstand seats we suggest to visit your favorite bar and cafe to enjoy a pre-race drink and or snack; as well as take car of any bathroom needs. We do not utilize grandstand seat tickets located in the area of San Martino, since it is exposed to the sun during the time of the 2 1/2 hour parade that precedes the race (the other 3 areas are in the shade.) Inside the historical city walls. Since the mid 1600s the Palio di Siena has been run in the city’s famous city ‘square’, Piazza del Campo. You will be informed either prior or on your arrival in Siena as to which Contrada dinner you will attend. After the tour, you will be treated to lunch at the winery (or its adjacent restaurant). Their cost is extra (cost details below). Event Cancellations: In the case of rain (sufficient the impair the conditions of the race track), the Palio race will be rescheduled to run on the following day. Palio de Sienne (Il Palio di Siena) Excursions Vous pourriez décrire le célèbre Palio de Sienne comme une course de chevaux, mais c’est tellement plus que cela. Hotel room VAT taxes are included in the prices we provide to you (unless stated otherwise). Le Fontanelle ***** The historical property restored to its original beauty, offers on-sight restaurant. Breakfast, free Wi-Fi; SAT TV included. Later, in the evening, the first trial race (Prova) is held. If you wish to have such additional services, please let us know as they can be added to any Package reservation. Daily breakfast is included. The horse blessings are a featured activity with your package; however, a ticket is in fact not actually needed to witness a horse blessing. Please see the Terms & Conditions section for specific policies regarding Grand Continental reservations. Actual tickets are claimed in Siena for the respective races (July 2 or August 16th) to avoid any problems (i.e. A Palio ticket is required to access Siena's balconies, grandstands, windows, which are all private property. This colorful pageantry is followed by the most famous horse race in all of Italy – Palio di Siena. Our Days of the Palio Tour package offers 5 nights with a special hotel property (in 2019 Le Fontanelle), which is located just outside of Siena, in the Chianti region. Priced from Euro 1.310,00 per person, double occupancy, Additional Nights: + Euro 120,00 per person. Thank you for a lovely and memorable holiday. Breakfast included and free Wifi in lobby areas; hourly charges for room internet service. Vous aimerez Assister à un événement unique au monde. History of the Palio in Siena. The Package is a combination of services and products designed for independent travelers that wish to enjoy the freedom of an un-escorted trip with the convenience and value of a package price. The piazza is not in a typical square or rectangular shape, but more in the shape of sea shell, curved at the top, flat on the bottom.